Photoshop is undeniably the best photo editing software up to this date but if you need some inspiration, it is really not the best in such but don’t worry because there is a lot more that you could use to have some inspirations. Today, technological advancement allows many different photo editing software to emerge for many people especially photographers and visual artist. 

  • Adobe photography plan 

When adobe released the software for a subscription system, a lot of people became interested with it but the only problem is that, it is too expensive. Bu, in the light of today, the price has decreased significantly and became for affordable to everyone. A yearly subscription is only more or less $10 a month and with that, you can get Lightroom plus Photoshop.  

For masks, sections, complexion, retouching, multi-step imaging process and layers, you need photoshop to do it. Photoshop is indeed one of a kind for its results are crisp, clean, reliable, efficient and fast. The only disadvantage it has is it does not have a library where you can store your edited shots in order to organize the. It is not going to teach you how to fish but rather it will give you all the tools and things that you need to catch. Hence, you need Lightroom. Lightroom can provide you with a cataloguing database which means that you will be able to store your edited photos in a library.  It also has the Adobe Camera Raw’s “non-destructive” tools or things, but in this case, it is already an advanced interface which means that you can edited your photos but your adjustments can be impermanent and you can change them right after without touching the raw photo. But Lightroom does not have all the tools that Photoshop has that’s why, you need both to have the best.  

  • Serif affinity photo 

This is the rival of photoshop because it is cheaper and it functions more or less, the same. It is built from the latest computing hardware. Serif Affinity has different terms and process as compared to Photoshop but if you use that software from Adobe, then it would not be difficult if you intend to use Serif Affinity. Serif is also a developer of the budget friendly creative applications by windows.  

  • Phase One Capture One pro 9 

This is the great rival of Lightroom which also produces high-quality photos. It can also import your pictures into a searchable and centralized database system which also has the non-disastrous adjustments and some effects that are preset. The photos that you are editing will not be directly adjusted or modifies because the only time these changes that you have made will become permanent is when you save it as JPEG or other versions. It has less noise and more sharp details as compared to Adobe Camera Raw.  

  • MacPhun Luminar 1.0 

The company produces this software has made a very powerful software that provides presets in a click. This software is very cheap, fun and it provides the people with vast inspirations. There are a lot of advanced controls that this software contains and if you are a Mac user then you must try this one out.