If you are planning to buy a computer or repurchase a laptop in the same brand as you have right now, you have to consider this list that we have put up for you to know the best brands of computer out there in the market. A lot of brands has flourished in the market but some old brands has improved the quality, style and reliability of their products, in this case, computers.  

Here are some computer brands that you can choose from: 

  1. APPLE 

This is in the top of the best computer brands even if the price is expensive. The price is on the top as well as its quality. Therefore, the price is right for all the specs that it has. It has an engineered aluminum body and it also as SSDs that provides your hardware a faster performance, even five time than your normal hard drives. That is why the price is right for your computer because that alone can make you really enjoy the use of your computer. The components from apple are very much high in quality, there are no moving parts this is why you can rely on this brand.  


Since time immemorial, HEWLETT PACKARD is indeed one of those in the top for the best computer brands. The price is lesser than Apple and other computer brands. This is the most trustworthy and a state of the art brand. In fact, it is older than Dell. Hp is the best selling brand according to computer store, worldwide. According to customers, HP is exceptional.   

  1. DELL 

Dell has a huge variety of computer that you can choose from. The price range also varies depending on the computer configuration that you will choose. If you are concerned with the price then Dell might be the one for you because in every price range, it is not impossible to find a computer that will really suit your needs and budget. They also has the best warranty system out there in the market. You can fix you Dell computer without sweat if it breaks down which is unlikely to happen. Dell computers or laptops are very easy to repair and this is what makes it impressive. If ever your computer or laptop breaks down, your photos and other documents will be saved because they have the back up image restoration.  

  1. ASUS 

The E family from ASUS is making a big break out there in the market. The E PCX101 resembles the thin body of a Macbook Air. Windows 7 is already available on it as well. This company provides the people with computers and laptops that has a very sleek body and a longer shelf life of the device. All of their devices works really great that is why they are fourth on our list. The downside of this brand is that it does not provide a good customer service to the people. Many people are complaining about this issue but if you are considering the price and the quality, then do consider ASUS. 

  1. Lenovo 

It has the best hardware in the world just like Apple. The computers from this brand are durable, lightweight, tough and thin. Lenovo also has the Thinkpad keyboard which is a great invention in the world of computers and other brands does not have that. If you are looking for a windows laptop, we suggest that you go for this brand because of how durable it is and amazing designs.  

With the power of internet and of course, computers and laptop combined, you’d be able to do anything. Reaching websites would be easier and even building one! If you want to look for car interior cleaning in the internet, you can do so. If you want to hire a caterer, a limousine service or a party planner you can do with freedom! Isn’t it amazing how we live in a world of technology?