When you have a computer, it is also best to have some accessories with to better its function and quality. There are many things that you can purchase that are worth your money and efforts because of it quality. Make sure that if you are buying computer accessories, you have to consider the price, quality and its functions or specs. Make sure that you don’t waste your dollars for something that is not worth it. 

We made it easy for you, below are some computer peripherals that you can purchase in the market which will give you primary satisfaction.  


The best way to enjoy your computer is to have a great mouse and a high quality keyboard. The Logitech MK710 can give you both in a very reasonable price. The mouse that it comes with is very ergonomic and has a fast response time which is what we need from a mouse. The keyboard is very decent, soft and it also has a built in LCD display and good media keys. It can be connected using a USB receiver but both the keyboard and the mouse are wireless which make the design sleeker. You do not need batteries for this set because a set will give you three long years to enjoy it. Isn’t it amazing! 


You need a printer that can be reliable in printing text documents as well as photos. Many people nowadays are buying printers with those photo features only and they disregard the other specifications that a good printer should have. Out of the many printers form the Workforce edition of Epson, the 630 printer is the best for us because it can scan, fax and copy your documents or photos. It also has a built in wifi, Ethernet USB port, LCD screen and memory card reader for direct printing. It also prints out documents and photos really fast compared to other brands. This printer can print out 25 copies of a single page document in just a minute if you put it in draft black and white setting. It is only $180 dollars.  

 Logitech Speaker System Z623 

Many people differ in their choice of speakers or headphones. This is the most argues piece of computer accessory. Many people prefers to listen to music with heavy bass just like what BEATS is producing but a lot of people also wants balance. If you are really looking for a device that could help your music-listening hobby to amplify then this speaker is really for you because it is a six-inch subwoofer and has THX certification with multiple inputs, plus it also has a very sleek look to it. It pumps out sound accurately and the bass can be adjusted to different level and its Medium and High settings are not the same with other speakers out there. This can be used by many people because they will be able to adjust the settings according to their liking unlike the other speaker brands in the market.